Global Registry Database for Cattery Names

What is

All cat breeders are aware of the problem. The cat breed clubs require a unique cattery name for admission. The clubs may then apply for the registration of the name in the cattery name register the club is affilated to. Often names are then rejected several times because they already exist or are too similar to another. The breeder is then forced to invent new names again and again, since the registers often do not offer search capabilities.

Even if a name was accepted, it does not neccessarily mean that the name isn't used by another breeder somewhere else. These homonyms lead to confusion and thus to cause problems for the breeders and pedigree issuing associations.

Cattery works differently. We not only use the stock of names registered with us. We are more like a search engine, that seeks for already registered names in all major cat associations and organizations worldwide. Thus we achieve the best possible protection from homonyms ever.

This service you'll get nowhere else!