Global Registry Database for Cattery Names

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do we need cattery name registrations?

Every breeder needs a cattery name for his breeding, because the cats are supposed to get a name of course. For an honest breeder it should be important not to be confused with other breeders. For mere legal reasons, a breeder should be careful here. Unfortunately, there are also always "breeders" who just want to take advantage out of this circumstance. Now the breeder clubs, who issue the kittens pedigrees, come into play. They finally risk their reputation for the accuracy of the pedigrees. Therefore, the clubs need the assurance that the cattery, they issue papers for, only applies papers at that club. Otherwise, documents could be requested from several clubs and misused for something.

Why is better than existing cattery register?

A registry that covers only a limited amount of clubs will always have the problem that it can only provide protection from homonyms within the affiliated clubs . works like a search engine, it scans all the major associations and organizations for already registered cattery name and so it tries to achieve a general uniqueness of cattery names. Thus, a much greater protection for breeders and clubs is reached then ever before.

How does work?

There are basically two ways to register a cattery name in our registry. The breeder can do this by himself, by seeking for a available cattery name at our website and register the name to his person. The name will be checked by us and may be registered to the breeder. The breeder receives a personal authorization code from us, which may be used to authorize any other persons to verify the ownership information of his cattery name. So the cattery name is not registered to a particular club, but the owner himself. The other way to register a name is through the breeder's club. Clubs have a special access to our website through which they can apply for catter name on behalf of their members. Here again, the breeder gets back his personal authorization code he can use for future references.

What is the Authorization-Code?

Unlike other cattery registries cattery names are not registered on clubs, but on the owner himself. For privacy reasons, of course, one may not see all the personal data of the owner. To stil allow access, each owner receives a personal authorization code, he may use to authorize third parties to do so. Of course, the breeder clubs need to have a possibility to check the authenticity of a cattery name owner. The breeder must therefore pass on his authorization code to his club.

How can you change your Authorization-Code? (e.g. after change of club)

There may be various reasons for wanting to change the authorization code. All persons who have been given the code are able to continue to take insight to the personal data of the cattery name owner. To prevent this, the breeder can apply for a new authorization code. A short email would be sufficient and we send him a new code for free. The old code will then become useless.

Can I change my personal information?

In order to change the owner data of a cattery name, the owner must contact us personally. He can send us his current data via email. In order to be able to verify the data, he should send us with the email at least one reference that proves the authenticity of the data, e.g. phonebook entry, own homepage, WHOIS record of his Internet domain or the website of his club.

How does protects against multiple club memberships?

Affiliated clubs can check with us not only the owner data of their members, they can also assign a cattery name to their club with us. In this way we can ensure that a breeder is not registered more than once at different clubs and so is not able to apply for papers for his animals several times. In principle breeders clubs can remain anonymous and only check owner's name and data on the public web site with the authorization code. But if the clubs do not assign cattery names of their members to the association, they would of course favor possible abuse.

Is my cattery name legally protected by

To make it short and sweet and to the point - No.
Although in theory there is a naming right in many countries (like in §12 BGB of Germany) that state out that a legal name is entitled to the person who was using it at first and thus opens the possibility to request from another omission. This is exactly what we are trying to achieve, of course, but considered in a global context unfortunately it can not be effectively guaranteed. Judicial decisions on naming rights for kennel names are not yet known. It remains unclear how the courts would decide if in doubt. True security can here only be achieved by registering a brand name to the national or European patent offices, which needs an appropiate application, would be subject to charge fees and would have to be provided by the breeders themselves.

Does cost anything?

Almost all clubs require fees from their members for the admission and / or registration of the cattery. The administration of the cattery names and the needed researches are, of course, also associated with effort. Therefore we bill the clubs for our services a small fee of 5 Euros. If a breeder prefers to register his cattery name himself, he must bear the fee himself also, but he can certainly talk to his club about crediting these costs to the admission fees. Our registration database is of course primarily intended for new registrations, existing cattery names will shall be included here, of course, but for breeders with existing names there will be no costs to register with us. Send us an Email with a reference where we can verify the name and we will take it over for free.

How long does the registration at take?

If the registration takes place via the breeder's club, there will be no waiting periods for the payment of the fee and the registration is usually done the same business day. If a breeder registers a cattery name himself, the further processing will be done after reception of the fee, but then also immediately.

Why do I not find my existing cattery name here?

We can only collect names that either have been registered with us or can be found in relevant publications on the Internet. Nobody offers a larger database with existing names than us, but older cattery names, that cannot be found on the Internet, can unfortunately not be recorded by us. Of course, we take over all existing cattery names for free, if the owner can provide us with a proof of his right of name. An email with a short note and a reference to the existing Internet presence of the breeder we would be enough.

It is also important to understand that we offer a search register and thus it goes beyond the boundaries of a traditional registry. No registration can exclude all likenesses of names or guarantee that a name is available, just because it does not exist in the respective registry. But if a register that has, for example, just about 30,000 names, offers much less security, than we, who currently have listed more than 190,000 names. Nevertheless it is not possible register a name with us, just because it doesn't exist in our database. If we find out in our researches on the Internet, that the name can be found somewhere else, is would be only to similar, we would reject the registration. Over the time we will collect more and more names and if all clubs would "play with open cards", we would have a complete list of all names very soon and duplicates were finally passé.

Why is my cattery name found here, although I'm not registered here?

Unfortunately, many people misunderstand the real purpose of this page. If you find your personal information to Google, you would also not ask Google why you show up there, although you have not registered there. We try to list as many names as possible, no matter from where, so that new breeeders don't fall into the trap wanting to register an existing name. Your name is probably found here, because our search engine found it on the Internet. I.e. this does not necessarily mean that you are registered with us, but only that we have found a known cattery name that is already taken.

Are any personal data record here and where are they from?

No, we only collect personal data from breeders who register with us or let it done by their club. Our search engine searches the websites of the cat associations and organizations for cattery names in order to create an index, that new breeders can use to find a name that is not existing yet. If a breeder wants, however, that his cattery name shall not be listed with us, he can have this entry be deleted, but the name is then considered to be 'available' in our system.

Why is my preferred name not accepted here? sees itself primarily as a search engine for cattery names, with the opportunity to register unused names. We import data from all known sources of public data for cattery names. Among them are CFA, FIFE, TICA and others. In this way we want to achieve that as far as possible no duplicate names will be used. When someone registers a name, we always check through an internet search, whether there could be any confusion, because of identical, highly similar or similar sounding names are already present somewhere. Like other registries we do not allow racial name in the cattery name and no shortcuts like BSH, but we let up words / combinations like "Furry Coonection" or "Treasures of Maine", since we do not see this "belittlement" as a racial name. Too strong similarities such as "Green Garden" and "Greek Garden" are always a critical decision. Place names are generally less problematic because "Munich Park" and "Munich Lake" can be well distinguished phonetically. What we have to accept are existing names that are already registered in multiple or nearly identical use in other registries.