Global Registry Database for Cattery Names

Terms and Conditions

Version date: 2017-03-02

§ 1 Preamble

The provider Felidae e.V., Am Hombach 1, 27211 Bassum (hereinafter "Provider") provides on the Internet platform a directory of existing cattery names. All supplies and services of the provider are subject to these terms and conditions.

§ 2 Conclusion

The offers on cattery provide as a contractual offer to the customer. With the implementation of a registration, the customer accepts the offer at the conclusion of a binding contract.

§ 3 Services for Breeders

The provider offers a registry for cattery names (breeding name). The provider maintains a constantly updated database of existing names from around the world in which can be searched free of charge. Not used names can be registered to persons for a service fee. The provider tries to keep the data up-to-date and checks any new application carefully for possible conflicts with existing cattery name. The verification will be limited to publicly accessible sources on the Internet.

In principle, the provider reserves the right not to edit or reject individual registering requests or orders without giving reasons.

§ 4 Services for Clubs

The provider offers cat breeders clubs the opportunity to join the register as a member club. Affiliated clubs get access to a management system that allows them to apply for cattery name registrations and check the status of already registered cattery names. The service fee for registrations are charged to the club once a month afterwards.

In principle, the provider reserves the right not to edit or reject individual registering requests or orders without giving reasons.

§ 5 Obligations and Liability of the User

The user agrees to truthfully provide all the necessary registration data. For changes of addresses, phone numbers, e-mail data and other changes to the entry of user data the provider shall be notified immediately in writing.

The user agrees to free the provider of third party claims (in particular with regard to existing or alleged omission, damages or reimbursement), which are incurred by the third party based on the content of the entry; as far as possible, he already frees the provider of such claims.

Affiliated clubs commit to use exclusively for protection of their cattery names, register all new members at and assure to the provider to be authorized to register the cattery name of their member (owner of the cattery name) and to act on its behalf.

§ 6 Data Protection

All data provided will be treated confidentially and in compliance with data protection regulations. The data are only collected and used where it is necessary for the substantive implementation of the service.

The user can request information about the personal data stored by him at any time. He may also request deletion of his stored personal data, provided that the contractual relationship has been completed and storage of data is not legally required.

§ 7 Prices and Payment

For registering a cattery name a service fee of 5.00 Euros will be charged, unless otherwise agreed. All prices are considered including VAT.

After review and confirmation of the availability and registrability of a cattery name the invoicing happens immediately. The invoice must be paid within 30 days of receipt (email). If payment is not submitted by the expires, the application for registration will be discarded.

§ 8 Warranty / Liability of the Provider

The provider is constantly striving to execute placed orders with utmost care.

There is no warranty on the actual legal name uniqueness or availability of a cattery name. A legally tenable guarantee for claims to names can be achieved only through entries in the register of marks of a patent office. A liability for any omission, damages or compensation claims resulting from this registration, must be excluded in principle.

For damages, no matter of what them result, the provider is only liable for intent or gross negligence by its legal representatives, employees or other agents. This applies also to cases of breach of pre or beside contractual obligations, as well as defects and consequential damages. The above ruling does not apply to a breach of duties which are essential for the purpose of the contract.

§ 9 Jurisdiction

In case of dispute, only the law of the Federal Republic of Germany. Jurisdiction is Syke.

§ 10 Severability

If any of these clauses should be invalid, the remaining clauses remain valid.